Busy Bee & Being Happy as Me

Hey there friends! I have been go go go lately and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight…oh well! I guess I really should be grateful to have such a full life but sometimes its hard to enjoy the busy buzz when all you want is a moment of quiet.1Aus

The Dhyana Yoga Pose-A-Day in May Challenge officially ended Saturday & I am itching to find something else to do! I know I just got finished saying how busy things are, but the yoga challenge was a fun way to share my practice with people from all over. Please feel free to check out all the poses on my instagram – it was a great dance & so cool so see certain alignment issues I didn’t realize I had!

golfI didn’t get a chance to recap Memorial Day weekend, but it was awesome! I woke up early every morning to meditate & watch the sunrise, practiced yoga everyday, kicked some serious mini-golf butt and ate my weight in deliciously indulgent eats…it was awesome! The weather was perfect for the unofficial start to summer & even though Phil & I had to end the trip a day early to move him out of his condo, it was still an amazing weekend.

open waterIts seems we just kept the good times rolling with a celebratory condo close dinner @ Butcher & Singer, my brother’s 25th Birthday dinner @ my parent’s & an awesome outdoor lunch date @ In Riva. I had an open water swim with one of my clients Saturday, so Phil and I got up early Saturday to ride out to the race. Afterwards we paid a visit to my folks & stopped for some lunch. All and all we road over 30 miles which made all the indulgent meals that much more rewarding…I mean, I had to replenish my glycogen somehow, haha!!

outdoorlunchAnyway, even with all this happiness, I have been really down lately. There are a lot of things ‘up in the air’ for me right now, a few things that haven’t been going my way, work is downright insane & I have totally let it all take over. If I spontaneously break into tears one more time, I swear I am having myself committed….what’s this about?!?! Instead of being happy as me, understanding the ups & downs happen & going with the flow, I’ve been fighting it (not very yogic of me). I guess being aware of it is half the battle & even if its just for today, I am going to be happy with me..right where I am, just as I am!

I’m giving the ‘Daily Eats’ a break for a moment…there are some exciting things coming, both for me and my blog, so stay tuned!



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