Foodie Friday!

Happy Friday Friends! I can’t believe its Friday already! This weekend will be bitter sweet because I have to pack up my apartment. I’ll be saying farewell to my Art Museum accommodations for the summer to live with folks just outside the city. In an effort to look on the bright side, I am spinning it as an 8-12 wk vacation from the hustle and heat of the city during which I get to save money and build my personal practice before teacher training this fall!

Anyway, back to the point of the post, FOOD!!summerpasta

This weeks Foodie Friday is dedicated to Wednesday night’s dinner, a sweet summer pasta that is a perfect balance of healthy and hearty  – great for when you’re secretly depressed about moving out of the city and craving comfort food like mac & cheese.

To be honest, this dish is best cooked with helping hands, but totally doable on your own…big thanks to Phil who has been stepping up in the kitchen recently (maybe because he knows he wont have to for awhile 😉 )

Summer Squash & Zucchini Pasta w/Tofu and Parmesan 

  • 2 zucchini
  • 2 squash
  • 1/2 sweet onion
  • 1 large clove garlic
  • 4 tablespoons butter (salted)
  • 1 cup sweet white wine
  • 2 tablespoons EVOO
  • 1 block extra firm tofu
  • sm. block Parmesan (about 1/2 cup grated)
  • salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, thyme
  • 1/2 lb. whole wheat pasta

Start by preheating oven to 375 & firing up the grill. Drain the tofu and wrap block in kitchen towel to remove moisture. Set aside the tofu and chop zucchini/squash length wise (long strips). Toss veggies in 1 tbsp of EVOO & season with salt & pepper. Grab the tofu and cut into cubes, toss in 1 tablespoon of EVOO, season with salt and pepper and place on baking sheet to cook in oven. Next, a pot of water for the pasta – cover & place over high heat. Then mince onions and garlic & toss 3 tbsp butter into a saute pan over medium heat. Once the butter has melted, add the onions and cook down until opaque before adding garlic and continuing to cook until browned. Once browned, add remaining butter & cup of wine, reduce heat to medium low, add seasonings and stir occasionally. As sauce cooks, and pasta to water. (While this is going on, your helping hands will be out grilling your veggie strips just enough to get a char & add some flavor but still slightly firm. If you don’t have helping hands you’ll want to grill the strips after putting the tofu in the oven and then come back and start the sauce.) While pasta is cooking chop veggies into smaller pieces. Remove the tofu from the oven & once the pasta is done, drain and toss with sauce. Add the veggies to the mix and grate in about 1/2 your cheese. Top with crispy baked tofu cubes and then grate remaining cheese over each dish.

The directions may sound a bit detailed but it took Phil and I less than 30 minutes from start to finish to whip together this delicious dish! What’s even better is this serves four so we had amazing leftovers yesterday (A little tip if you’re not eating it all at once: after adding veggies to pasta & sauce, portion out what you wont be using before adding cheese, topping with tofu etc..)!


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!



Summer Solstice & Weekend Fun!

Hello WordPress Family! I hope everyone is officially enjoying their summer!! Saturday marked the Summer Solstice & like a good little yogi I honored the occasion with 108 sun salutations. There was much internal debate about joining a group or class but I personally enjoy doing my 108 practice privately – knowing there are a number of like minded souls globally participating in the same tradition makes me feel much more connected to the yoga community anyway!summer108

I did three sets of 36, dedicated to the past, present and future. My past meditation was focused on letting go with gratitude – acknowledging everything up to this point as a blessing that has helped shape the person I am. My present meditation was focused on celebrating each moment without judgement – not labeling an experience positive or negative but receiving it as it comes with openness & excitement. My future meditation was focused on honoring my inner light – remaining true to my inner self and continuing to follow my heart along my path to happiness.

bikeridePhil & I enjoyed a long ride on Sunday – about 40 miles – but we broke it up with some swim lessons & lunch @ Zakes in Fort Washington. We enjoyed a peaceful night in Sunday that was only slightly saddened by the tie that should have been a win for the US against Portugal in the World Cup. I was admittedly more frustrated that I should have been but we’re still in the tournament and have a shot against Germany….

Let’s go USA!!


Bulu Review

We’ve made it over the hump & before you know it, it’ll be the weekend!!! I don’t know about any of you but I am looking forward to a leisurely weekend – for the first time since the beginning of May I don’t have a weekend jam packed with plans! Phil & I are just excited to keep it simple, take it easy & enjoy being around the city.bulub4

My newest BuluBox came last night, so I figured it was time to share my thoughts on last month’s awesome goodies! One of my favorite parts about BuluBox is they adapt – they’re always giving me fun samples based on reviews I’ve placed over the last few months. I enjoyed my May box and might even be incorporating an item or two into my daily regime.


  • Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar: Both the flavor and effects of this yummy little morsel were amazing! I’m going to grab a box from the site and give them a try on long rides or before intense workouts.
  • Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins: I was super excited to try these but a bit bummed they sent me kiddie vitamins, haha! BuluBox included two samples of the adult version in my most recent vitamin delivery so I am excited to give them a try – the kids flavor is great though!
  • Amino Active: I really enjoyed these as a pain reliever because it had the same effects as NSAIDs/Ibuprofen but I didn’t feel like I was putting chemicals in my body.
  • Pump Igniter: This stuff definitely isn’t for me but I could picture big muscly men shaking this stuff up in their water pre-workout…it definitely gives you a kick in the pants.
  • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein 70: I have used a few of their products & was very pleased with the protein – I actually baked with it & the banana bread was delicious!
  • FitMiss Burn: I would consider switching my BurnBlend (Shapelogy) for this product because they’re very similar but its hard to say from a single sample…might have to do a little more research first.

I have my June & July box to go until my subscription lapses & I can’t decide if I want to renew for a few months or try another brand. I know there are a ton of subscription boxes out there, so if anyone has any favorites, let me know! Also, if you’re interesting in trying BuluBox for yourself, feel free to click anywhere you see their name in the post!


Next Chapter!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

DadBdayI hope everyone had a lovely Father’s Day weekend! My Dad’s Birthday happened to fall on Sunday this year, so we had a double celebration! The good times continued last night with the US win over Ghana (FINALLY) in the first round of the World Cup! Anyone who follows soccer knows this win is HUGE & to win in such a well played game is especially sweet!

yogamedAs the title suggests, I am starting a new chapter in my holistic health and wellness journey! I enrolled in Tiffany Cruikshank’s Yoga Medicine 200Hr teacher training program for this coming fall. I applied awhile back, it was one of my action steps following the Yoga Conference in March, but I didn’t get my acceptance email until a few weeks ago! I am both excited and nervous to be starting this next chapter but I am confident if I follow my heart things will fall into place!

I am definitely stepping up my yoga game in the coming months to prepare for this fall, but that won’t keep me from open water swims, long bike rides & the interval training my body needs to stay balanced! Tonight I will be joining a client for an open water swim through French Creek Racing but not before sneaking in an interval workout in the park…wish us luck!!


Foodie Friday

Welcome to the weekend lovers! I am so excited for a weekend of fun – celebrating graduations, spending time with my Dad, going on a long ride with Phil & hopefully sneaking in lots of little yoga sessions!

photo 5

This week’s Foodie Friday is a restaurant spotlight on one of the most delightful meals I have ever had! Vetri is a world renown restaurant tucked away on a townhouse lined street in center city that I have been dying to go to for about a decade. When I started this blog, Phil promised me we’d go to Vetri when I reached 250 followers…thank you ALL for your support because Phil & I enjoyed a SPECTACULAR meal!

Course after course was absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t help smile a bit with each bite. From the complimentary prosecco and small bites while perusing the menu…

photo 1-1

…to the pasta and main courses, each plate tasted devine. We had tuna involtini w/pickled fiddle head ferns, a morel sandwich, sweet onion crepe w/truffle fondue, salt baked quail, capretto w/stone milled polenta, & whole fish ‘secondo il mercato.’ And then there was the pasta….

photo 2 photo 3

…ramp ravioli, tavalde paccheri w/octopus, spinach gnocchi w/brown butter, almond tortellini w/truffle sauce & ragu bolognese w/pappardelle. And just when I thought there was just no more room, they brought out the desserts…

photo 4-1

…cheese plate w/milk toast, pistachio flan w/milk chocolate gelato, chocolate polenta souffle, piccolo pasticceria & strawberry sorbet. If the meal wasn’t amazing enough, chef came out to the table and introduced himself! I am in total awe of Mark Vetri that having the chance to dine at the gem of his restaruant empire was enough, but then to be able to shake his hand…HOLY AWESOMENESS!

I have had some incredible meals in my life & this ranks right up there in my top 5 meals ever! I can’t wait to go back!


Happy Friday!



The Right Attitude

Happy Hump Day Lovers!!


In a world full of negatives, it can hard to maintain an attitude of gratitude. Ironically, its constant gratitude for this miracle we call life that can carry through those negatives! When I find myself all consumed by the negative, I close my eyes and remember how grateful I am for this life! I have my health, I have my family, I have a man who adores me, friends who love me, and the means to care for myself…I have everything a girl could possibly need & FOR THAT, I am always consummately grateful!

Wonderful Wanderlust!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

The weather was so gorgeous this weekend & I took full advantage Saturday with an afternoon @ Wanderlust Philly! The inspirational Kristin Ritter of Nourishing Storm joined me for an afternoon of live music, yoga & awesomeness! It’s always so much fun coming together with a large group of yogis and realizing how many people out there share the same passions as me!wanderlust

There were vendors like Lululemon, Health Magazine, Kashi, etc.. set up around the perimeter with fun games, giveaways, chair massages, and other yummies! They also had some silks set up to help introduce folks to much fun!!

All and All it was an awesome afternoon and I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the day!

I hope everyone was able to take full advantage of the weekend!


Happy Hump Day!!

Today is National Running Day, so to all those runners out there, today’s the day to hit the pavement, track or trail!


As most know, I can’t run anymore because of the injuries sustained to my spine, but I can appreciate the feeling of the open road beneath my shoes & the freedom that comes with being able to just go!


Busy Bee & Being Happy as Me

Hey there friends! I have been go go go lately and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight…oh well! I guess I really should be grateful to have such a full life but sometimes its hard to enjoy the busy buzz when all you want is a moment of quiet.1Aus

The Dhyana Yoga Pose-A-Day in May Challenge officially ended Saturday & I am itching to find something else to do! I know I just got finished saying how busy things are, but the yoga challenge was a fun way to share my practice with people from all over. Please feel free to check out all the poses on my instagram – it was a great dance & so cool so see certain alignment issues I didn’t realize I had!

golfI didn’t get a chance to recap Memorial Day weekend, but it was awesome! I woke up early every morning to meditate & watch the sunrise, practiced yoga everyday, kicked some serious mini-golf butt and ate my weight in deliciously indulgent eats…it was awesome! The weather was perfect for the unofficial start to summer & even though Phil & I had to end the trip a day early to move him out of his condo, it was still an amazing weekend.

open waterIts seems we just kept the good times rolling with a celebratory condo close dinner @ Butcher & Singer, my brother’s 25th Birthday dinner @ my parent’s & an awesome outdoor lunch date @ In Riva. I had an open water swim with one of my clients Saturday, so Phil and I got up early Saturday to ride out to the race. Afterwards we paid a visit to my folks & stopped for some lunch. All and all we road over 30 miles which made all the indulgent meals that much more rewarding…I mean, I had to replenish my glycogen somehow, haha!!

outdoorlunchAnyway, even with all this happiness, I have been really down lately. There are a lot of things ‘up in the air’ for me right now, a few things that haven’t been going my way, work is downright insane & I have totally let it all take over. If I spontaneously break into tears one more time, I swear I am having myself committed….what’s this about?!?! Instead of being happy as me, understanding the ups & downs happen & going with the flow, I’ve been fighting it (not very yogic of me). I guess being aware of it is half the battle & even if its just for today, I am going to be happy with me..right where I am, just as I am!

I’m giving the ‘Daily Eats’ a break for a moment…there are some exciting things coming, both for me and my blog, so stay tuned!