Counting Blessings

I started my work day early this morning so the bulk of the day could be spent celebrating my birthday and taking in some of this glorious spring weather!


Each year I remind myself of what’s important in life, take stock of my accomplishments from the year past & imagine what the coming year will hold…20140513-124030.jpg

…One thing’s for absolute certain, my family is the most important blessing in my life…warts and all!

Close second of course is the love of my life and most amazing man I could’ve hoped for!


I can’t wait to share the wonderful details of my birthday with all of you…tomorrow!

Pose-A-Day: Yesterday’s Pincha (Forearm Balance) was a challenge but I’m working on it! I’m very excited to pick a special spot for today’s Utthita Hasta Padagustasana (Big Toe Hold)!


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