Giving Back

The weekend is a mere day away and I can’t wait! Phil and I have a double date planned at our favorite Italian spot, Porcini! Also, for all those Catholics out there, it happens to be Easter weekend! I’m looking forward to our various family affairs Sunday: Church & brunch with Phil’s family and dinner with mine…this whole splitting time on the holidays thing is interesting, LOL!

blood (2)ANYWAY, yesterday was Germantown Academy’s annual blood drive. Guess who has two thumbs, viable blood for donation and an irrational sense of obligation to her alma mater’s charitable events?!?!….THIS GIRL! I used to help organize the blood drive when I was a student at GA, about a decade ago, so when I saw the email circulate, I had to sign up.

There were several years throughout my late teens/early 20s where I couldn’t donate (I kept getting tattoos) so I was eager to give again! I forgot how uncomfortable the whole thing was though…maybe I had a higher threshold for discomfort years ago but it felt like my arm was going to pop, haha!community I kept reminding myself why I was doing this; it wasn’t about me, it was about giving back to the global community. Only 38% of the population is eligible to donate blood and there are 5 million patients in need annually…that’s a blood transfusion every 2 seconds.

Giving back, for my anyway, is just as much about the personal satisfaction I get as it is about the greater good I am contributing to…selfish, huh!?! I mean it though  – I get a real sense of happiness from giving back that I don’t get elsewhere – it just feels right.


Daily Eats

  • Breakfast: Green Flax Smoothie
  • Snack #1: Greek Yogurt w/Pumpkin Seeds
  • Lunch: Citrus Poached Cod w/Roasted Asparagus & Sweet Potato
  • Snack #2: Chipotle Pepper Hummus w/Cucumber & Plantain Chips
  • Post Work Out: Apple
  • Dinner: Asian Tofu Stir Fry
  • Dessert: Cacao Chia Pudding

Is there anything you do that just makes you feel ‘right’?!?!




4 thoughts on “Giving Back

  1. That’s so thoughtful of you. I’ve tried donating blood when I was younger but I was underweight and doctors wouldn’t take it. After that I moved to China and I still haven’t figured out how it works here 😦

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