Weekend Workouts & Detox Wrap Up

Waking up to the work week was hard after such a gorgeous weekend but its the last day of The Vabulous Life Spring Detox, so I motivated myself to do a pretty kick butt circuit workout! wkoutAfter my marathon of exercise Saturday my muscles were still pretty sore but it felt good to work things out, raise my heart rate & get my sweat on…there’s just something about starting your week off with some cardio that sets a positive tone for whats to come! Now, back to Saturday…unsure of what the day had in store, I started my morning with an easy 45 minute ride and a killer 90 minute yoga class…love Alex Holmes classes! After riding to and from the farmer’s market post workout, Phil decided we should go for a bike ride….a 30 mile hilly trail ride to be more specific!

I wish I had taken photos because the views were incredible, but I was too busy making sure I didn’t run into people or eat it on some of the rockier parts of the path. We rode all the way to my parents house in the suburbs, took a stretch/fuel/flyers v. penguins break and rode back to the city…a beautiful way to spend our Saturday afternoon! Phil & I agreed we’re going to try and do this a lot throughout the spring/summer but pick more exciting destinations then my parents house….no offense guys!

As I mentioned, today is the very last day of The Vabulous Life Spring Detox and I lost a total of 5.5 lbs! More than losing a few pounds, I gained a renewed sense of excitement and energy!a1 Perhaps its a combination of the change in weather but I’ve felt a BIG boost over the last few weeks and am totally recommitted to taking better care of myself! The detox forced to admit some things I’ve been in denial about – like the fact I’m addicted to sugar…primarily in the form of red wine, but most any will do 😉 OR that I am such a sucker for dairy and was eating way more of it than I should! It was nice to remind myself I don’t NEED those things everyday! I’m really excited to play around in the kitchen with more clean eating recipes but I’ll definitely be throwing in a few indulgences here and there…all in moderation of course!


Detox Day #15

  • Breakfast: Green Flax Smoothie
  • Snack #1: Apple & Almonds
  • Lunch: Eggplant w/Lentils and Harissa sauce
  • Snack #2: Hummus & Cucumber
  • Dinner: Beet Salad w/Carrots and Balsamic
  • Dessert: Banana Cacao Pie w/ Cacao Coconut Crust

How do you kick start your week?!?


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