Nourishment & Detox Day 4

Happy Thursday! While it was a little harder to get up this morning, I did manage to squeeze 30 minutes of yoga in to start Day 4 of The Vabulous Life Spring Detox! ohmRemember awhile back I mentioned I was asked to consult on the nutrition side of a holistic approach to coaching athletics, specifically swimming?!?! Well, today is our first meeting and I couldn’t be more nervous…probably why I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Whenever I am feeling this way its so important to get some yoga in…there is something about a great flow that brings me a sense of power, courage and calm I can’t get anywhere else, its AWESOME! In case you were wondering, I was mighty impressed with myself for balancing my phone and successfully snapping this photo, haha!

Anyway, this meeting is a great first step in exploring what I have to offer in the way of nutrition. One of the biggest things holding me back from diving in is trying to figure out how my knowledge, talent and passion can best serve both myself/family & the community/society at large. I love working with the kids I coach and believe strongly there needs to be a change in the way the next generation relates to food/nutrition, so hopefully this is opens up possibilities for bridging that gap between the two – we shall see!!

Phil and I are on Detox Day 4 which is the last ‘preparation’ day before the middle seven ‘detox’ days! quinoablackbeansWe took this opportunity to indulge in one of Phil’s favorites, black beans. Even though we can eat some more easily digestible beans throughout these middle seven days, black beans are not included on that list. We both got home so late I completely forget about the 1/2 avocado I was going to put on top of dinner until we were about half way through…oh well! Dinner was still super satisfying, filling and nutritionally balanced without it.

Tonight we’re going to a concert with some friends, YAY!, so its another rushed dinner for us. Its super important to make time for primary food & evenings out with friends, especially when you’re doing a cleanse or detox.  Scheduling  fun activities with friends will keep you from feeling isolating or deprived which can sometimes happen when following a detox…there are tons of non-food related things to help you feel nourished emotionally while you’re nourishing yourself nutritionally.


Detox Day 4

  • Breakfast: Green Flax Smoothie
  • Snack #1: Pear & Pumpkin Seeds
  • Lunch: Tuna Salad w/mixed greens
  • Snack #2: Hummus & Celery
  • Dinner: Quinoa & Black Bean Salad with 1/2 Avocado
  • Dessert: Chocolate Quinoa Pudding


How do you nourish yourself?!?!




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