Bulu 2 Review & Detox Details

Day #3 of  The Vabulous Life Detox is off to an awesome start! I woke up this morning feeling fully rested and motivated…did a thirty minute tabata series I put together on my new ‘seconds‘ app and boy did I work up a sweat! 300 movie backroundSquats, ski lunges, burpees, mountain climbers & side plank dips (all with weights), in that order, with a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down…my shoulders are still burning, haha! Honestly though, I love starting the day with a good cardio session – it really sets a positive tone for the rest of the day!

ANYWAY, I managed to make it through all my Bulu Box samples from this month, so before I forget I figured I’d share my thoughts! 2bulureview

  • HAVVN GO:This supplement is supposed to promote anti-aging through its anti-inflammatory properties. Mixed with 16 oz. of water this orange powder tastes delicious but isn’t something I am necessarily running out to buy!
  • BodyGlove Surge: I really enjoyed the energy boost I got from the BodyGlove Surge but wasn’t crazy about the taste. It definitely gave me the push I needed to get through my first pilates class in 10yrs last week! I’ll keep it in mind when gearing up for trips, long rides, etc… but not something I need to add to my routine.
  • K*Pax Energy: After doing a little more research, I gave it a try for a few days but its just not appealing to me – I like the multivitamin I currently take and didn’t notice any added energy. The bottle is in my desk at the office…just in case!
  • VanaPain PM: I had a tough few yoga classes/long rides and was feeling really sore when I gave this a try and it knocked me right out! I woke up feeling significantly less sore and totally rested! While I can’t afford, nor do I think its healthy, to use this everyday, I’m definitely ordering a few to keep on hand.
  • Nuvia Trim: I did not try this instant coffee sample for two reasons – I don’t drink caffeine and I have never had any interest in instant coffee, haha!
  • Rootology Breathe Free: I suffer from sinus issues during allergy season and with hints of spring in the air I definitely noticed a difference using this product. My allergies have never been enough to warrant any sort of medication but if they pick up, I know exactly where to turn!


In Other news…I wanted to share a little more information about the detox program Phil and I are following. As mentioned when I started, my peer coach and fellow classmate Elizabeth McDow is organizing this detox as part of her health practice. Her Holistic Health Coaching business, The Vabulous Life, focuses on living with vitality, abundance and balance! Vabulous Life DetoxElizabeth’s detox includes: a full program guide, recipes, meal planners, a success kit, grocery shopping lists, email support and so much more! For someone like myself, the greatest part is the detox is based on the Elimination diet, so I can come up with my own recipes in the kitchen as long as I stay within the guidelines! If you don’t happen to be a Holistic Health Coach like Elizabeth and I, than the email support, success kit, recipe guide & meal planner are probably the greatest parts, haha!! If you’re interested in joining The Vabulous Life Detox and getting the support of an incredibly inspirational health coach (and friend!), just click anywhere you see The Vabulous Life in my posts, or on this promotional photo, and it’ll take you to Elizabeth’s website!

Detox Day #3

  • Breakfast: Green Flax Smoothie
  • Snack #1: Apple & Pumpkin Seeds
  • Lunch: Lemon Tuna w/Mixed Greens
  • Snack #2: Homemade Hummus & Carrots
  • Dinner: Quinoa Salad w/Black Beans
  • Dessert: Mango


Happy Hump Day!


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