Little by Little

We’re one more day closer to the weekend people!! Time to celebrate with a little fitness motivation…fitness-motivation-exerciesBelieve it or not, I am actually close to being able to hold this pose! I can’t wait for the day that my motivational photos are of me…little by little!

In an effort to mix things up I am going to my first pilates class in 9 years! I haven’t done pilates since college but a friend asked if I’d like to go to class with her and I happily obliged…isn’t it always fun to work out with a friend!?!?!? I think so!!

I’m assuming since this is a mat pilates class I shouldn’t have too much trouble but I’m a little nervous…mostly excited though! I don’t know about anyone else but stepping outside my comfort zone always makes me a mixed ball of emotions! Sometimes I feel like I’m a little kid, irrationally running through a spectrum of emotion out of shear inability to get a grip! Maybe that’s a little dramatic…haha!

Is there anything new you’re super excited about?!?!



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