Trying Something New

Happy Hump Day! With the start of a new season and a full year of blogging under my belt, I decided to try something new…I proudly introduce the new face of Livingleen! I’ve learned a lot over the last year and I wanted to spruce things up a bit…both with my blog and with myself!

Even though I am making progress ‘getting my body back’ I weighed myself this morning and I am still many pounds away from my goal.fresh-perspective It is more about how I feel than the number on a scale, but if I’m being completely honest with myself, I don’t feel comfortable yet. While I feel stronger everyday and notice changes in my body, I’m still well insulated by a layer of fat that wasn’t there before…sigh! I will be taking week 12 photos at the end of this week and posting them at the start of next…when I kick of a 15day Spring Detox. Unlike cleanses I’ve done in the past, I have a partner in crime this time- Phil volunteered to do it with me! My peer coach and fellow holistic health coach Elizabeth McDow of  The Vabulous Life  organized the detox program as part of her health practice & was looking for a few more participants…talk about perfect timing!

This detox, based on the Elimination diet, promotes clean eating while focusing on bio-individuality and identifying foods that might be causing digestive issues. I am so excited to rid my body of all the sugar I’ve been indulging in lately and reset things a little. 1BIKE1In addition to kicking off the detox next week, I am committing to increasing my cardio – 45minutes 3x a week. I am still going to mix things up to keep my routine interesting, but I have to get back on my cardio grind, plain and simple! I am hoping the warmer weather will help me get out a ride a little more since it is fabulous exercise, but if not, I need to make plans for indoor cardio – NO EXCUSES!

Are you trying anything new lately and loving it?!?!!?