It’s Here, It’s Here!


Happy First Day of Spring! The First Day of Spring is also the Spring Equinox, a time when day and night are equal in both hemispheres. In yogic tradition, the occasion is honored with 108 Sun Salutations (more on that tomorrow), and I am so excited to be doing a 108 class with the amazingly talented Kristin Ritter of Nourishing Storm tomorrow night! This is one of those times I look forward to EVERY YEAR and thankfully Mother Nature didn’t disappoint! The weather will be in the 50s and sunny, so I’ll be taking a nice long ride around the city after work!bike1 Part of me misses spin class but nothing beats the freedom of riding outside and the sense of power that comes from being in nature!! I’m fortunate to live a stones throw from a trail that traces the city – with multiple directions to head in and wonderful views to distract you, its impossible to lose motivation while riding the Schuylkill River trail. I could really use a good cardio session too,  we’re going out for dinner tonight!

Phil just got home from a business trip, so last nights anniversary meal was prepared, with love, by yours truly! Knowing we would be trying Fond for the first time tonight, I wanted to keep last night’s dinner on the healthier side but still make it special. anniversaryI prepared a three course menu: antipasto –  marinated olives, aged gouda, honey & rosemary goat cheese with whole wheat baguette.  primo – spicy seafood alfredo with hand made whole wheat fettuccine. dolce – dark chocolate dipped strawberries. The most indulge part of the meal was the antipasto, even though I kept the cheese potions under 3 oz, but the pasta was a healthy version of an indulgent delight! I am so excited for Foodie Friday tomorrow to share my alfredo recipe because it tastes oh so amazing but is totally sinless! Since we are both sweet freaks, I melted some 72% dark chocolate and dipped the strawberries myself, ensuring there was some nutritional benefits in the chocolate as well as controlling the overall serving size…Needless to say we were both full and feeling good after round 1 of our anniversary celebration!

I am so excited for dinner at one of Philadelphia’s finest contemporary American BYOB restaurants tonight – I have heard nothing but amazing things about Fond for years but given its slightly off the beaten path location on East Passyunk Ave, I have yet to give it a try! What better time to try some place special than our first anniversary?!?!?! I can’t wait to share all about it tomorrow!



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