Wellness Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

After a long weekend of coaching, I took some time for primary food last night and got a massage. As mentioned in a previous post, I recently signed up for Hand & Stone‘s lifestyle program. This was my second massage since signing up and I was quite pleased…how can you go wrong with a massage?!?!

I used to go every 12-14 weeks and require lots of deep tissue work due to long hours sitting at a desk coupled with regular yoga/cardio. Now that I am going every 4-6 weeks, I have reduced tension in my neck/shoulders as well as fewer incidents of headaches; which for me is a Godsend! Image(found this awesome photo reading an interesting article about the correlation between happiness and your weight – click here to read if you’re interested!)


In other wellness related news, my second bulu box arrived!!bulu2                                    I am excited to try most of the products in the box but I am a little nervous about trying the instant coffee that is supposed to be slimming (primarily because I don’t drink caffeine) and the bottle simply labeled Energy. I mean, I guess its intended use is self explanatory but I am a little wary of products such as this, so I will do my research on all the ingredients and get back to you! Otherwise, as a sinus sufferer I am looking forward to giving Rootology’s breathe free a try and seeing how the Bodyglove Surge effects my next long ride (planned for this weekend weather pending!)….but more on all these wonderful samples after I’ve given them a try!

Also, just as a little side note, today is Phil and my first anniversary. I am not the type to acknowledge these sort of things until its forever, if you know what I mean, but March 19, 2013 was our first date. Of course, I had to get a work out in beforehand so I was running twenty minutes late…not to mention I went to the bathroom for like 10 minutes immediately after sitting down because I was overheated from rushing and couldn’t stop sweating. I kid you not, I took my top off in the bathroom stall of Pub & Kitchen and did my best to dry off with some paper towels. AnYwAy, after the rocky start things went really well and I knew this was something special. It felt amazing to realize this could be my last first date ever and every time I look at him, I still feel the same way I did one year ago today! I love you babe!




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