Post Meet Week/Back to Reality

                                Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day to All! St._Patricks_day The weekend’s meet was long, loud and chaotic but successful! For the most part, the kids swam well and there was little to no drama – just A LOT of swimming!Image In addition to the kids success this weekend, I got to talking with some other coaches and may be collaborating on a program to help incorporate better nutrition education for swimmers. While many parents know they should be fueling their child athletes better, how to do so isn’t always intuitive! As we saw kids walking around with doughnuts, fruit snacks, chicken fingers/fries and various other unhealthy ‘foods’ our conversation as coaches couldn’t help but naturally take a turn in that direction. While things are still in early stages, it is incredibly uplifting to know there are other coaches with similar philosophies about swimming – we have a responsibility to our kids that extends way beyond the pool!

This weekend reinforced the ripple effect concept and confirmed that taking this path of health and wellness was the right move! No matter what you’re looking to achieve in life, all you have to do is listen to your heart, take steps down the path that are right for you and believe in yourself!

Getting back into the office grind is a little tough today but the prospect of moving forward with a new passion project is carrying me through!

What are some passion project you’re working on?