Mother/Daughter Night at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Hello all! In keeping with my family first theme from yesterday, today’s post is about my mother/daughter night at the Philadelphia flower show on Tuesday.

20140306-143057.jpg this year’s theme was famous art from around the world. The displays went from different interpretations of pieces of art, to landscapes themed around particular artists, to handmade sculptures made from dried flowers and other natural elements.

20140306-143218.jpg My sister, mother, aunt, cousin and I have attended the flower show over the last couple years and had a wonderful time each and every year! This year’s displays were hands above the rest and we lucked out with a smaller crowd.

20140306-143341.jpg we finished up the evening with a lovely meal at little Nonna’s Italian restaurant in Midtown.

20140306-143821.jpg The quaint little restaurant is owned by the same two women that run several other deliciously unique restaurants in Philadelphia. The meal was amazing, and the company was great! We had a wonderful time catching up checking out the beautiful flowers and enjoying an amazing meal.

Do you have any fun family traditions?!?

Here’s to family!


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