sO mUcH sNoW!!

Howdy word press world! Remember me? The end of diving season is days away and with all this snow, the chaos of the season, and work, I feel like I have been spinning in circles! Summer doesn’t seem to mind though…20140219-132735.jpg

I know they’re about a week or so late, but in keeping with my New Years goal, here are photos from week 6. I have not been able to ride nearly at all with the past few weeks of snow, but I have been doing my best to work out a few times a week.20140219-132906.jpg

My Brother-in-law’s Birthday, Phil’s promotion celebration and Valentine’s day definitely took me a little off track but every day is another shot at being your healthiest self! Plus, all those stellar meals were well worth it, especially Valentine’s day!tinto

I may not be setting the world on fire with my weight loss goals but I am enjoying every bite! I am feeling stronger each day (minus the stiff neck I woke up to the other day!), and as soon as this snow melts a bit  more, I will be able to ride again – CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Happy Hump Day!


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