Snow day wishes and paradise dreams

While we are getting pelted with snow here in Philadelphia….Image

I am daydreaming of somewhere more like this…Image

While I do wish the weather outside was a bit less frosty, it is nice to admire the beauty of snow. There is something very peaceful and pure about the evening after a good snow fall: The city is quiet and covered in a blanket of white sprinkled with sparkles from the city lights. I absolutely love evening strolls when the weather is like this…I just have to remember to bundle up!

That being said, there is nothing like looking forward to a good tropical vacation. I am in the throws of craziness with work, coaching and school but the moitvation of a potential getaway is keeping me going. While there are no official plans on the books, my brother and his girlfriend just returned from a costa rican vacation and its given me the itch.

I have been browsing potential long weekend getaways on a budget and today’s weather has inspired the planning process more than ever! While I bundle up and brainstorm, I would love some suggestions!

Happy Snow Day!


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