Week III & Weekend Wiggle Room

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! To those of you who have off, I’m jealous! To those of you working like me, I feel ya!

It’s been three weeks since the start of the new year and my return to a healthy life. While I haven’t been hitting the gym as hard as I would like, I have been committed to making smarter healthier choices ALL the time, and it’s working!20140119-222331.jpgThat being said, my weekend was certainly not without it’s wiggle room!

I spent most of the weekend working – both coaching at the 2014 MA Elite Meet and giving lessons/holding diving practice – but did find time both Sunday morning and evening to indulge in some sweets & treats!20140119-222641.jpgMy goal is to try and spend more time working out and doing yoga over the next couple weeks! I’m feeling the energy, I’m enjoying the endorphin boosts and am looking forward to more noticeable results in weeks to come!




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