Short Bursts to Success

Happy Hump Day!

A migraine completely took me out of the game yesterday but I am back and feeling great! I don’t know if anyone else suffers from intense migraines but they’re quite a pain (no pun intended) and I just can’t seem to shake them! I know things like gluten, soy, dairy, sugar etc.. can all effect headaches; so, I spent several weeks on an elimination diet to see if my migraines were related to what I eat…no such luck! I am thinking they’re due to lack of sleep, stress and hormones – I am not sure there is too much I can do about those (even though I’m trying!)migraineBUT aNyWaY, I have been having a hard time getting in the quality workouts I would like with my busy schedule! I have always been a big fan of cardio in the morning and yoga in the evening but lately with work, my evenings have been late and my mornings reserved for an extra hour or so of precious sleep! SO, since I have been having a hard time, I am trying something new. Studies have shown that short bursts of cardio (2 minutes) or so, a few times a day, can help keep your metabolism moving along and burn fat throughout the day. exceriseThe idea is that your heart rate spikes and your body continues to burn calories after you’ve stopped exercising….the ‘afterburn.’ Every time I get up from my desk to use the bathroom I do 10 push ups, 30 mountain climbers, 10 squats and 10 dips. It helps that I can close my office door and people don’t actually see me doing this…but I definitely feel like its worth it! Not only do these ‘mini work-outs’ keep my metabolism going, they keep me working efficiently by increasing blood flow to the brain, releasing adrenaline/endorphins, improving mood, and focus!

Here’s to finding ways to stay fit…no matter what!