Holiday Surprises

Happy Hump Day WordPress World!Image

My blogging efforts were thwarted Mon/Tues by some unexpected absences at work…SURPRISE!! Guess who learned how do work the shipping software?!?!?!?…..THIS GIRL!! That’s right, I didn’t want the brides expecting to have their wedding photos before the holiday to be disappointed, so I spent most of my work days Mon/Tues processing, packing and shipping wedding photos; which meant my nights after coaching were spent catching up on MY work….oh well!

AnYhOw….I will be spending the afternoon between the office and coaching (we are closing at 2p YIPEEE!) shopping for a hostess gift and Thanksgiving groceries! I’m making a tofurkey with mushroom gravy for tomorrow’s festivities and a roasted veggie lasagna to bring to the mountains over the weekend!

If the kick off to the holiday season has reminded me of anything, its that surprises pop up around every corner, especially now! Prepare for your plans to be thrown off base and try to take it in stride!

Instead of fretting over little things getting in the way of your holiday todo’s, try to stay in the holiday spirit…life’s really worth celebrating, not stressing!