Cheese plate lunches and candle lit dinners

Hello and Happy Thursday!

I am oddly energized this morning even though I didn’t do my planned morning workout. I opted to move my cardio to this afternoon in an effort to get an early jump on the workday…plus Phil and I are going to dinner right around the corner from my gym this evening, so this way I can pop right over and take my time working out.

I have getting my daily morning workouts in (alternating between cardio and yoga) but feel like I am always cutting them short so I can scoot out the door and get off to work…I guess anything is better than nothing; however, with a pending plate of practically perfect, palate pleasing pasta from Porcini, I am grateful to be able to put in a little extra this afternoon.

By the way, can you tell I am excited for dinner!?!?! But honestly, with a weekend of cheese plates and mushroom risotto dinners, who can blame a girl?!cheese

As mentioned on Tuesday, the macaroons were just the tip of the culinary iceberg that was our mountain weekend. After today I will have just one more fabulous food post to share…perhaps for Foodie Friday…from our perhaps inappropriately nicknamed ‘fat kid weekend.’ We did both hit the gym and go for a long walk Saturday mind you, but this was still a deliciously decadent weekend. dinner

I have been toying this new thing where I try not to feel guilty about truly indulging. In the past when I said indulging, I meant eating a brownie made from black beans and egg whites, but listening to lectures by the inspiring Geneen Roth, I have decided nothing is off the table. Sure, I am not going to up and eat meat (that juicy steak is Phil’s, the Swordfish is mine) but the goal is to stop demonizing certain foods. If I want to eat creamy risotto for dinner after having a cheese plate for lunch every once and awhile, the world isn’t going to come crashing down….hopefully 😉

Enjoy the little things in life…like cheese plate lunches and candle lit dinners


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