Getting Silly

One day closer to the weekend…WOOHOOO!!!

This weekend Phil and I are heading up to the Poconos and I am SOOOO excited to hike, cook, bake, lounge, and take in the stars all bundled up on the deck! That has nothing to do with the topic of my post really, haha, it’s more of a ‘heads up! lots of delicious, not so healthy, food posts to come!’ for all those food porn lovers!

AnYwAy…my office has instituted a weekly hump day celebration and yesterday was the first! From 2:30pm-3:00pm on the sales floor we had a dance party complete with DJ and MC (after all, we are a DJ, photo and video company)!Image

I was a bit skeptical on how this was going to play out, thinking: ‘this is going to be soo awkward and really silly,’ as if that’s a bad thing!! It wasn’t really awkward but it sure was silly and definitely put everyone in a much happier mood! ImageEven though it was only a half hour, the dance party was a lovely distraction from the stress of work. Believe it or not, taking a little break and moving around not only boosts office morale but also increases productivity…clever bosses we have!

Consider giving yourself a little dance party break and see if you don’t have a renewed desire to dive back into the task at hand!


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