Getting over the hump!

ImageIts the half way mark! If you’re feeling stressed, tired, or frustrated, just remember, the weekend is almost here!

For me, there are a few Wednesday traditions that help get me through the week! Admittedly, I tend to move a little slower on Wednesday but I try to do these few simple things to make the day breeze by!

1) Sleep in a little! I am fortunate enough to make my own schedule, so I usually give myself an extra 30-60 minutes of sleep on Wednesdays.

2) Bump the tunes! Most days I listen to lectures for school on my way into work but Wednesdays I turn the volume up on the tunes and sing along.

3) Tea Time! No matter what I take 5 minutes to do nothing but sip some tea and stare into space. If its nice out I will take it outside but if not, the simple little mid-day break does wonders to improve my mood.

4) Pre-make Dinner! While I LOVE to cook, I am under motivated most Wednesdays and find heating something I made earlier in the week to be the most effort I can muster; so, I try to make some yummy stir fry, soup, etc… that reheats well and save it for Wednesday nights!

5) Early Bedtime! Even with a little extra sleep in the morning, I am totally shot by days end, so I make an effort to get in bed an hour earlier than usual. 9 times outa 10 I am out like a light!

Taking even just one of these steps are guaranteed to help with the hump day blues!

Smile folks…you’re almost there!!!


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