Back at it!

HAPPY MONDAY and beginning of November! Its only been a week of not posting but it feels like forever! I was a little under the weather last week and then catching up with work which made it difficult to carve out blogging time BUT I’m back and happy to be reading and sharing with the word press world!

The weather here has dropped and I am greeted by a frosty breeze each morning! This makes hitting that dreaded snooze button all the more inviting! I guess there is nothing wrong with another 15 minutes snuggled under the warmth and comfort of my bedding!

This week is all about getting back at it – blogging, eating and exercising…though a recent fall at my local Whole Foods has prevented me from doing any of that third agenda item. I slipped on some spilled spinach from the salad bar and smashed up my knee…fingers crossed its nothing serious but needless to say physical activity is an impossibility at the moment!

I am remaining positive, focusing on the things I can do rather that what I can’t and concentrating on diet and healthy habits over exercise this week (lots of sleep, staying hydrated, focusing on anti-inflammatory foods)!

Here’s to getting back at it!


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