Surrounded by Love

Happy Friday Folks!

I am looking forward to a fun filled fall weekend with friends and family! There is lots on tap for this weekend: gym, farmers market, pumpkin/apple picking, wine tasting, costume making, a halloween party and of course a little yoga!

Image I found this photo on an acroyoga site (link included if you click the photo) and felt it embodied this idea that’s been swirling around my mind and came up again yesterday during another inspiring lunch with Kristin Ritter.

Kristin has been an incredible asset during my journey and is a constant cheerleader for all I am looking to accomplish. We spoke about how supportive friends and family can be but also the challenges that crop up in those relationships. Family and friends love and support you doing whatever makes you happy but might not always be on the same page or agree with everything you have to say, which is TOTALLY OKAY…

BUT that’s why important to surround yourself with like minded people too! When you start to feel like the crazy health nut its paramount to have a circle of people who are trying to accomplish the same things as you – it helps keep you inspired!

No matter what its all love, just in different ways!

Surround yourself with love each and every day!


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