Market Mornings

Happy Monday! What a wonderful weekend! The weather this weekend was fabulous – perfectly crisp and autumnal! Though the weekend had a lot of highlights – dinner at a lovely French restaurant, brunch at a seasonal farm to table favorite, quality time with my marvelous man, etc.. – my favorite part of almost every weekend is Saturday morning at the farmers market! Image

I should have taken some shots myself this weekend but I pulled this from an awesome Philadelphia website  that did a spotlight on the Rittenhouse Farmers Market not too long ago.

There is always an energetic buzz around the market no matter what the weather’s like and vendors from all over the greater Philadelphia area bring the farm to the city! There is something about putting a face with the food that makes every bite that much better!

Everyone always has a smile, offers insight into their process – for everyone there its a passion, not a job, and it shows! I can’t think of a better way to kick off my weekend than a stroll through the farmers market stocking up on organic, seasonal, local produce!

I love my market mornings!


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