Happy Here

Happy Hump Day! Yesterday was my first day ‘back on the horse!’ I felt great having gotten up to do cardio in the morning before work and making it to yoga in the evening BUT I got frustrated during yoga.

Since I haven’t been keeping up with my regular practice, poses that normally flowed with ease were a bit more challenging, some even out of the realm of possibility. With every bind, twist and fold I felt the extra flesh my body has accumulated standing in the way of reaching once achievable poses.

As I felt myself getting discouraged, the poses got harder, which didn’t do much to quell my mounting frustration. I took a deep breath and reminded myself:ImageWhile I may not be where I was, I’ll get back there and I should enjoy the journey! Instead of looking at this as a negative, I need to find happiness and joy in allowing my body to relearn poses, perhaps this time with more thoughtful alignment and appreciation for the energy behind my movements.

I have to remember to be happy here!


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