Weddings, Travel and Post Juice Cleanse feelings

Happy Tuesday!

So I finished my juice cleanse Thursday and I loved it!! I felt more at peace, I was headache free, I had no digestive issues and I lost 8lbs. Sure I put a few of those back on over the weekend but that was primarily because I ate and drank amazing food and delicious champagne at my close college friends wedding! While I did ease back into solid foods to make the transition easier on my digestive system, I wasn’t prepared for how sensitive I would be to alcohol. The few glasses of champagne I had went straight to my head and gave me a terrible headache/stomach ache the next day. Next time I will try to ease back into alcohol consumption after a handful days!ImageI was one of the bridesmaids and it was an incredible weekend! Not only was the weather amazing but Maryem looked stunning! I have never spent any time in Boston, so it was awesome to explore the gorgeous city, enjoy fine food and drink, and share in the most important day of my close friend’s life!

Since I have my sister’s wedding this coming weekend it was a great ‘warm up’ for when I am the maid of honor. Nicole did a wonderful job supporting/helping Maryem and I just hope I am able to be as strong a support for my sister as she was for Maryem!

The ONLY downside of the whole weekend…flying! haha! I don’t like flying very much, so having my boyfriend there to calm my nerves was hugely beneficial! Unfortunately, he isn’t superman and he can’t control everything. Our flight into Logan Airport (Boston) was fairly seamless, but our flight out was my nightmare! To make a long story short there were multiple boardings, deboardings, delays, mechanical troubles and of course they made me check my bag (which threw me into the worst panic because I just knew they were going to lose my stuff).

I wish I could say I handled it with grace, but I didn’t! I was a bit of a baby, cursed a few times and I think I even cried a little bit but at least this was all only to my boyfriend. While I did feel a bit guilty for putting him in the position of having to deal with my fits, he understood the anxiety I have around the whole flying thing in general and was a great support!

One thing I take away from all three of these connected but seemingly random experiences is that there is success in everything, if you know how to look for it!

My cleanse was a kick start to shedding some extra pounds, exploring potential food sensitivities and renewing my commitment to healthy eating/living. My ability to breath through the anxiety of our traveling fiasco, even with some minor freak outs, was still a successful step into becoming more comfortable with flying. Lastly, my friends wedding was, among a lot of things, a learning step to prepare myself for my sister’s wedding this weekend!

Whether its a minor victory that brings you closer to tackling a huge hurdle, a return to positive habits, or preparing for something to come, there are always positives, successes and victories to be taken away from life experiences.

In some instances its very easy to see the happy/positives (like a wedding) and in some instances its a little harder (like traveling) but they’re always there if you look!



4 thoughts on “Weddings, Travel and Post Juice Cleanse feelings

    1. Thank you very much! That’s exactly what I was scared of…also that I would feel hungry but I went to BOTH my jobs, working with brides by day and children by night and it was fine. ANYONE can do ANYTHING for three days! I’m here for support and guidance when you’re ready to give it a try! I know you can do it!

      1. Of course! It’ll make you feel awesome so when you’re sick of all the cake (well maybe less the cake but more the way it makes you feel because cake is YUMMY) I’m here!

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