Seasonal Cleanse (Day 1)


So when I said “more to come tonight” I really meant this morning because round one definitely took forever to make (about 2hours). I admittedly was distracted by my very wonderful boyfriend who was throwing together a healthy dinner for my last solid foods meal for 72 hours.

I also should mention I don’t actually have a juicer…so food processor, blender and strainer were the tools of the trade for this tasty juice-venture! I have been googling juicers this morning…definitely not trying to throw all my funds into a cleanse but feeling like it might be worth it!


Getting up this morning to a warm glass of green tea, lemon and stevia was definitely unusual for me, but I will admit in combination with a morning spin class, I feel like I have kicked this cleanse off to a wonderful start!

One Juice down, three to go and feeling good…


2 thoughts on “Seasonal Cleanse (Day 1)

    1. No way, you consume only juices all day, everyday – that’s great! I am always all about fruits and veggies just maybe not all juice all the time, haha! Good for you and thanks for your support!

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