Fall love

ImageHappy Last Day of September!! I love that the trees are slowly starting to change colors and crisp mornings are followed by beautifully breezy afternoons! Treasuring the coming weeks before its too cold to frolic outside should be on the top of everyone’s priority list!

September can sometimes be a crazy time, at least for me! There’s lots of change going on and sometimes its easy to get caught up! No matter what you’ve got going on this fall try to take in the beauty of nature and always remember you are loved. There is an indescribable comfort that comes from a quiet walk outside when the colors of the leaves turn from green to shades of red and yellow.

Take a moment this week to feel the fall love!


Weddings, Travel and Post Juice Cleanse feelings

Happy Tuesday!

So I finished my juice cleanse Thursday and I loved it!! I felt more at peace, I was headache free, I had no digestive issues and I lost 8lbs. Sure I put a few of those back on over the weekend but that was primarily because I ate and drank amazing food and delicious champagne at my close college friends wedding! While I did ease back into solid foods to make the transition easier on my digestive system, I wasn’t prepared for how sensitive I would be to alcohol. The few glasses of champagne I had went straight to my head and gave me a terrible headache/stomach ache the next day. Next time I will try to ease back into alcohol consumption after a handful days!ImageI was one of the bridesmaids and it was an incredible weekend! Not only was the weather amazing but Maryem looked stunning! I have never spent any time in Boston, so it was awesome to explore the gorgeous city, enjoy fine food and drink, and share in the most important day of my close friend’s life!

Since I have my sister’s wedding this coming weekend it was a great ‘warm up’ for when I am the maid of honor. Nicole did a wonderful job supporting/helping Maryem and I just hope I am able to be as strong a support for my sister as she was for Maryem!

The ONLY downside of the whole weekend…flying! haha! I don’t like flying very much, so having my boyfriend there to calm my nerves was hugely beneficial! Unfortunately, he isn’t superman and he can’t control everything. Our flight into Logan Airport (Boston) was fairly seamless, but our flight out was my nightmare! To make a long story short there were multiple boardings, deboardings, delays, mechanical troubles and of course they made me check my bag (which threw me into the worst panic because I just knew they were going to lose my stuff).

I wish I could say I handled it with grace, but I didn’t! I was a bit of a baby, cursed a few times and I think I even cried a little bit but at least this was all only to my boyfriend. While I did feel a bit guilty for putting him in the position of having to deal with my fits, he understood the anxiety I have around the whole flying thing in general and was a great support!

One thing I take away from all three of these connected but seemingly random experiences is that there is success in everything, if you know how to look for it!

My cleanse was a kick start to shedding some extra pounds, exploring potential food sensitivities and renewing my commitment to healthy eating/living. My ability to breath through the anxiety of our traveling fiasco, even with some minor freak outs, was still a successful step into becoming more comfortable with flying. Lastly, my friends wedding was, among a lot of things, a learning step to prepare myself for my sister’s wedding this weekend!

Whether its a minor victory that brings you closer to tackling a huge hurdle, a return to positive habits, or preparing for something to come, there are always positives, successes and victories to be taken away from life experiences.

In some instances its very easy to see the happy/positives (like a wedding) and in some instances its a little harder (like traveling) but they’re always there if you look!


Home Stretch (cleanse day 3)

Morning WordPress World!

So its the final day of my 3 day juice cleanse and I feel great! I admittedly had fears of being stuck in a bathroom, uncontrollable sweating, feelings of starvation, etc.. but I have experienced none of the above! Aside of a few minor headaches – nothing compared to what I get normally anyway – I have been feeling more at ease, healthier and a bit lighter (which helps with getting into those bridesmaid and maid of honor dresses!).

I am confident the rest of the day will float by with the same ease as the last two and I feel strongly the morning shake I’ve been sucking down will be incorporated into my regular diet because its super yummy!

While its not over yet, I would say this is one of the best things I have done for my overall health since I began vegetarian 12 years ago!

YAY juice cleanse!

Morning Tea (cleanse day 2)

Good Morning! It’s day two and I’m feeling great! I slept through the night which is rare for me and I had no stomach pain, cramping etc…

Part of the cleanse is starting the morning with a detox tea. Since I don’t drink caffeine, I used decaf, but the tea is green tea, juice of a whole lemon and some stevia.

Yesterday it was not the most pleasant but this morning I used more hot water to steep the tea and dilute the lemon juice and I must say the result was quite tasty.

I had the chance to sit quietly, while sipping tea, and slowly allow my body and mind to wake up – it was AMAZING!!

Day 2 is off to a good start!

SOOO, about that juicer…


Juice #2 was definitely more ‘pulpy’ than I would have liked but flavor wise it was still tasty! As I sucked the grainy green liquid through my straw I realized if I wanted to do this right, I would have to buy a juicer! After all, it isn’t called a JUICE cleanse for nothing, right?!?!

After a lot of research, I admittedly shouldn’t have been doing during office hours, I found a reasonably priced, reliable brand with great reviews. I will hold off on sharing any brand details in case it’s awful…not trying to squash anyone’s juicing success!

Since the prospect of watching my coworkers chew their undoubtedly delicious lunches was depressing, I ran to the store and snagged the last previously mentioned juicer for a whooping $63 total (and if you know anything about juicers, that’s a steal)!

While I will delightfully down the remaining two juices I’ve already made today, I am super excited to make tomorrow’s quartet with my new toy!

Still feeling good, not feeling hungry (knock on wood), and excited for the next 2 1/2 days!

Seasonal Cleanse (Day 1)


So when I said “more to come tonight” I really meant this morning because round one definitely took forever to make (about 2hours). I admittedly was distracted by my very wonderful boyfriend who was throwing together a healthy dinner for my last solid foods meal for 72 hours.

I also should mention I don’t actually have a juicer…so food processor, blender and strainer were the tools of the trade for this tasty juice-venture! I have been googling juicers this morning…definitely not trying to throw all my funds into a cleanse but feeling like it might be worth it!


Getting up this morning to a warm glass of green tea, lemon and stevia was definitely unusual for me, but I will admit in combination with a morning spin class, I feel like I have kicked this cleanse off to a wonderful start!

One Juice down, three to go and feeling good…

Season’s end, Season’s cleanse

Happy Monday!

ImageI couldn’t think of a better way to end the summer season than with an awesome weekend on the bay in Avalon, NJ celebrating my sister’s bachelorette party! Our group of 15 was blessed with beautiful weather and a relaxing weekend of fun in the sun!

While the weekend was amazing, it ended with a reality check! I went to pick up my dress from alterations and BOY was it tight! All the alcohol and yummy food left me fully bloated and not feeling myself!

What a better way to motivate for a seasonal cleanse than to fit into a Maid of Honor dress! I normally do a week long full body detox a few times a year but have yet to try the juice cleanses everyone and their mother have been raving about; so here goes nothing…

I have decided on Dr. Oz’s 3 day detox juice cleanse after hours of research (and an unwillingness to pay $125-$200 for three days of food!

More to come tonight…and the next few days! Kick off is tomorrow and I am very excited to reap all the positive benefits this cleanse has to offer!!

Balancing Act

Happy Hump Day!

I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes I find it hard to keep my balance! In an effort to do it all, I feel a lot like this guy…


…trying to keep steady while teetering close to the edge! Between work, school, family, relationships, settling into a new apartment, exercise and self care activities (aka ‘me’ time), it can be hard to maintain balance.

While some things are certainly more important than others, its imperative to strike that balance between them all…if for nothing else than your own happiness and sanity.


I have to make sure not to give too much weight to the things that aren’t important and make time for that which is paramount in life…

Remember, its all about balance!