Chia Chillin’


For as healthy as I am, I have only recently gotten on the Chia bandwagon. With a few more weddings around the corner, and lots of craziness the last couple weeks, I have been in desperate need of an extra boost – both in energy and in my diet. Chia seeds are a fabulous source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, a multitude of trace minerals, fiber and antioxidants!

While I have always been a huge fan of the ‘Immortal Health Elixir’ known as Kombucha, the ones with Chia seeds in them freaked me out! Kombucha is loaded with probiotics, amino acids and electrolytes so I didn’t see the need to add something else in the mix.

I always thought mixing in Chia seeds was the weirdest thing but when I read that allowing seeds to sit in liquid to form a gelatinous layer allows for slower digestion/break down of the carbohydrates, I decided to stop being such a baby and give it a try!

While I can’t say I am in love with this whole textured drink thing -something I am sure you have to get used to – I like the flavor and how full a feel after just a few sips.

The health benefits are endless and you can put them in almost anything. Unlike the more popular flax seed, chia seeds don’t need to be ground/broken down in order to receive all the amazing benefits. And while this may not be the driving force behind my consumption, they’re said to have amazing weight loss benefits (likely from the full feeling you get from even the smallest amount).

Start chia chillin and see how you feel!!



4 thoughts on “Chia Chillin’

    1. I use them as a source of Omega-3 and to keep me full throughout the day…to ease your way maybe with some granola in yogurt, or blended in a smoothie then maybe 1tbsp in a big water bottle with some lemon…but 1-2 tbsp is all you need!

    1. Haha well if I had to venture a guess its likely because you get all the awesome benefits from the other foods you eat because you’re healthy; however, I haven’t found anything that keeps me full and energized quite like these little super seeds!

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