Unbeetable Salad and Seafood


If you haven’t caught on already, I am all about fresh, local and simply delicious, nutrient dense foods! This awesome salad and seafood combo is no exception, and just like most meals livingleen, its easy to prepare!

The beet, walnut and goat cheese salad paired with seared Halibut hit the spot and kept me completely satisfied! All I did was boil some beets from about 40 minutes and let cool…you can do this ahead of time. The rest of the ingredients in the salad are all eaten as they come: chop up some walnuts, crumble some goat cheese and throw the terrific trio over some mixed greens! Lightly toss with some balsamic, salt and pepper and BOOM! BEET BLISS!

The fish is super simple too: Marinate briefly in white wine or champagne (because we happened to have it on hand), salt, pepper and garlic. Place in med/high heated sauce pan with a little EVOO and let sizzle! Turn the heat down to medium and flip…fish should only take a few minutes to flake and then you’re finished your fancy feast!

The health benefits from the protein filled fish, nutrient dense beets, leafy greens, calcium rich/low calorie goat cheese and omega-3 walnut wonders makes for an amazingly delectable, unbeetably nutritious dinner!

Hit up your local farmers market and fish monger to make your meal memorable!



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