Terrifically Tasty Tabbouleh Take


So I mentioned last week in my post that I would be sharing the amazing tabbouleh I made with the tomatoes and peppers from my coworkers garden…well here it is!!! I know a traditional Tabbouleh isn’t quite like what I made but the bases are all there and boy is it DELICIOUS!!

I was so thrilled with the way my little experiment turned out and doubly delighted at how easy it was to make.

Unfortunately I don’t have an ‘actual’ recipe but essentially it’s a grain medley (Israeli couscous, orzo, quinoa and garbanzo), mint, chives, parsley, lemon, salt, pepper, tomatoes, red peppers and jalapeños (definitely not your average Tabbouleh!).

This awesome room temperature salad held up for lunches all week and was absolutely mouth watering every time! Admittedly, it takes a bit of chopping but in less than 30 minutes I had a weeks worth of lunch…not too shabby!

Grab some fresh ingredients, your favorite grain and a good chopping knife to see what kind of creation you come up with!



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