Selfless Starts with Self Care

Morning WordPress world! Have you missed me? I have missed each and every one of you! As seems to be happening far too often these days, life is getting in the way of my best blogging intentions…but I’m back!

All of my distractions are wonderfully positive: weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthdays, and my first test for nutrition school (97% – WHAT UP?!?!?!) but they’re throwing me from my routine; which, consequently creates chaos. Its much harder to see the forest for the trees when you don’t take a deep breath and practice self care first!

I’ve been saying for weeks I need to get back into my routine – to do the things that make me the happy, calm, kind person I really am instead of the snappy, short tempered witch I can become. This morning was definitely the ‘final straw. I snapped at my amazingly sweet, patient boyfriend over the blender and my struggle making our morning shake…really Colleen?!?! Its comical – looking back – how annoyed I was over something SO ridiculous and how I took it out on the one person who does nothing but try and make me happy (quite successfully I might add!).

My point is that no matter how crazy life can be – and we all know things can get pretty nuts – you must, must, must practice self care! Whether its morning cardio to start your day, a mid afternoon walk to recharge, an hour of TV time to unwind, an evening meditation to clear your head, whatever…you’re completely useless to anyone else without taking care of yourself first.

Instead of looking at self care as a practice in selfishness, remember that the good you can do for others starts with the good you do for yourself!


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