Pushing Through It!


Happy Friday! In my opinion Franklin Roosevelt is one of the more inspirational people in American History. His words are quoted all the time. Today, while browsing for some inspiration, I came across this and had to share!

I am sure at one point or another all of us feel we’ve reached the end of our proverbial rope: ‘I just can’t take it anymore,’ ‘I want to give up,’ ‘this is just too hard’ – sound familiar?!?! Whether its work, life or both we all have to remember to hang on!

I know not everyone is religious but I am a firm believer that God doesn’t ever give us more than we can handle. The concept in the quote above is no different – you’re always capable of more than you believe and if you just hang on, you’ll come out the other side on top (even if you have to swing there for a little while)!

Its Friday!! Let your hair down, have some fun and don’t forget to hang on!



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