Wiser for the wear

motivationalAs you grow in life, you’re going to have set backs, disappointments and failures – whoops, did I just burst someone out there’s bubble?!? SORRY!

When I was younger I was so scared of failing, losing or generally disappointing myself or my family. My obsession with not failing held me back from pushing myself past my comfort zone and becoming truly great at anything. ‘NO NO NO’ I would say to myself ‘that sounds awesome and I really want to try but what if I fail?’ Where I got this mentality, I don’t really know but I have definitely changed my views – maybe because I finally experienced failure – and ALOT of it at that!

If asked now, I would probably say there is no success without failure. I mean honestly, how are you going to know what works unless you find out what doesn’t?!? This life is long for most of us, and if we’re lucky there will be tons of mistakes made along the way.

For what I know now, that I didn’t know then, is the wisdom gained from failures is what drives your success!

Happy Friday!


One thought on “Wiser for the wear

  1. I love this! I wish that I would have been taught some of the things I know now when I was younger. Like, there should be a whole class on them your senior year of high school: This Is Real Life. How to give and take constructive criticism, Confidence, Setbacks vs. Failure, etc.

    But, it is good to know now 🙂 Happy Friday!

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