Reset and Refresh

So, some might look at my photo and think “why on earth is this chick standing on her head?!?

Well sure, it was partly to impress one of my best friends who was visiting but also to reset my circulatory system (providing a lovely feeling of renewal and refreshment).

Now don’t get all huffy and be like “well I can’t do that, so thanks for nothing” because this is just one of many inversion poses (some easier than others).

Sometimes when I feel like I can’t get out of a funk, I stand up, bend from my waist, reach for my toes and hang out for a few deep breathes. Slowly, I roll my body up one vertebra at a time and give my neck a little roll – instantly refreshed (and much easier and less attention drawing than standing on my head).

The power of yoga is amazing! Get inverted and reset yourself for a fresh start!


5 thoughts on “Reset and Refresh

  1. I was sooo impressed btw! And I inverted today! I love to hug my elbows and sing. Feels soo good for your back! Didnt know it was good for me too!! :). Xoxox

    1. I am very flattered, THANK YOU!

      I think we all inspire each other and as always, I appreciate the support!

      I will be paying it forward this afternoon in my daily thoughts post!

      Enjoy your holiday and keep inspiring!

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