Decisions, Decisions

ImageHappy Monday! Just like anything else, your attitude towards life and how you view it is a choice!

While being optimistic might not always be the easiest thing to do – especially when you spill your kale smoothie all over yourself and your car on the way to work (when you’re already running 45minutes late), or can’t find your favorite piece of jewelry, or you forgot your umbrella in a downpour – it will always, ALWAYS feel better to remain positive.

When you dwell on the negatives, its very easy to become pessimistic and stressed. Stress and pessimism can not only bring you and everyone else around you down, but it can also lead to a ton of health issues.

Even when it seems impossible to stay positive and optimistic, remember, its your choice! You certainly control everything in this universe but you can control your reactions to it and your attitude day to day!

Feel better – stay positive!


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