Whole new kind of rockin the vote

Food for thought…you’re voting every time you make a purchase. David Wolfe, one of the most amazing raw foodists around, made this very powerful statement at the end of a lecture he gave and I’m sure many times prior and since as well!

Pretty amazing to think about, right??? Ever wonder why there are so many awful for you items stocking your store shelves and this itty bitty section of a few of them for organic, whole and raw options? Perhaps you see more packaged, processed products because that’s what’s most presently purchased.

Treat every purchase you make, regarding food or anything for that matter, as a vote….a vote for local, raw, organic food. A vote for products made with love and hope for a healthier society.

If everyone made a more conscious effort to purchase organic, healthy foods, botanicals and herbs, then they’ll more prevalently appear on the shelves of stores near you. How amazing would it be for better foods to be accessible on a mass scale?!?

Rock the vote!


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