Not just about goals

Happy Tuesday! Miss me?!? I missed my WordPress world but sadly life has been getting in the way of my best intentions….they’re not really daily thoughts unless there is one a day, haha!

Something we talked about during my IIN coaching circle was action steps. Sure, setting goals is amazing and a great ‘first step’ but going a little further and maybe thinking of a few action steps to bring yourself closer to that goal will make you that much more likely to take steps forward.

I know that sounds, well to me anyway, rather intuitive but not something I had ever done or been encouraged to do before. My whole life has been about setting goals and living those action steps but as life becomes more complex and those goals more difficult to ascertain, it’s sometimes hard to live my action steps. Writing down steps and thinking about realistic ways to move forward is the best way achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Don’t just set goals…set actions!


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