Over the plate

Do you ever miss being a kid? I reminisce about my childhood years almost daily but last night while walking around the city, I felt a longing for those days past I hadn’t felt in awhile!

With so much going on – a lot positive and some negative – I find myself overwhelmed with worries, concerns, decisions, responsibilities, etc…

On my walk I passed a youth softball game and paused to take in the game as well as absorb the nostalgia. Not only did I play softball as a kid but I pitched. At this particular point in the game, the pitcher on the mound was getting frustrated. The young girl of maybe ten had a runner on 3rd, no outs, a batter at the plate, and a frustrated scowl as she struggled to throw the ball over the plate. With the crowd and her team supporting her the young pitcher calmed her nerves, took a deep breath and found her zone!

“God I miss the days where my biggest concern in life was throwing strikes in softball” I thought as I continued on my way. The more I walked the more I realized that even though I may not be playing softball, I still spend everyday just trying to get it over the plate!

I had to laugh a little at myself because its totally true – some days are better than others but the best you can do is try and get it over the plate!


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