Distinctly Different!

Happy Monday Everyone! Like many folks around the country Sunday, I had the pleasure of celebrating one of the greatest men on the planet, my father! Yesterday was filled with spending time as a family, chatting, eating and reflecting on years past.

We’re a pretty close family, so time together is in great supply! There is a lot of love but we poke fun at each other a lot – mainly because we’re so different. It blows my mind that we came from the same set of parents and how one gene pool could spit out such different, but equally awesome, people. One theory for our differences, which I came across during my studies at IIN, is that the life situation, state of mind, diet etc.. of our parents were vastly varied during conception and while in the womb.

While this may not be news to some, this little thought experiment proved very interesting to me. With each description of the process, I figured out (or more guessed) why each of us were different.

This is not to say that A LOT of other factors don’t go into making us who we are – we’re a product of our constitution as much as our condition – but I bet you’ll find it interesting to look into it for yourself. Ask your folks what things were like when you were in the womb and see if you discover some interesting things you didn’t realize before.



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