Listen Closely

I am far from perfect! I make a million mistakes a day, inevitably forget something important, loose track of my cell phone hourly and don’t always know the right thing to say. One thing I know I can count on though is this lovely little vessel I float through life in!

Yes, your body is one of the most accurate things in existence! Not convinced?…think about it! Our bodies rise and rest everyday, our hearts don’t miss a beat, our lunges don’t forget to inhale and expire, our temperature stays around 98.6, our eyelids blink every few seconds, etc..

I am consistently fascinated by the human body and always shocked that more people don’t take the time to listen to what it has to say. Just like with the aforementioned actions, our body intuitively gives us signs regarding our food, sleep, environment and overall well being.

When you’re craving chocolate, have a nasty headache, or get an uneasy feeling, they’re usually a reason – your body is trying to tell you something! Instead of blowing it off, take a moment and think about why your body might be sending you those signals.

By taking time to listen to the body, we can better understand our own unique path to the healthiest version of ourselves! Your body will give you insight into the right foods for you, the amount of sleep you need, whether you’re overexerting yourself or if you’re right on track!

Your body tells you everything it needs…are you listening closely!


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