Uniquely you!

We’re all familiar with the concept of individuality – everyone is their own person: thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitude, style of dress, interests, dislikes etc..

I think that concept should be taken one step further and be applied to our diet and food consumption. What a person needs, from a nutritional standpoint, varies for each individual. One thing that has really stuck from the lectures I’ve had over the last four weeks is that one person’s food is another person’s poison – I feel that couldn’t be more true!

While I loved my cleanse and feel more alert, clear headed, energized and healthy, I know a primarily raw, laco-free, no grain carbohydrate diet is not optimal for me. I feel more satisfied and function better long term with a few servings of whole grains and dairy everyday. While I experiment often with my diet (especially now that I have a library full of hundreds of different dietary theories), I know what works and doesn’t work and always listen to my body!

Give this a try in your own diet! See if you can figure out what works best for you and what, even though its healthy and fantastic for someone else to eat, doesn’t quite work for you.

Remember, you are your own unique self! Listen to your body – its almost never wrong and always tells you what it needs!


3 thoughts on “Uniquely you!

  1. I love being my own, unique self, but I get so frustrated when I search for a formula that will help, and everything I have searched is the wrong mix for me! It could take years, or even my whole life to figure it out. I just want to look and feel the best I can, and I am not there yet. :/

    1. I hear ya sista! I will say it has taken a while but if you feel like you’re eating all the right things but still not feeling your best, take a look at other aspects of your life and see if there is something holding you back.

      Are you feeling satisfied in your relationships, career, social life, etc.. sometimes, its not the food that’s the problem, its something else.

      Thanks for the support and I am always here for ideas or advice!

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