Silver Linings

Happy Monday! Ever find it hard to look on the bright side? Are there just too many things going wrong, too many crises to handle and too many things not going your way?!?! Not to worry…there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS a silver lining.

Even when you wake up to your ceiling is still dripping water, you sit in two hours of traffic to get to work, and find when you arrive that nothing seems to be working properly, there is a silver lining…like an AmAzInG coworker bringing your starbucks!!!bucksJust like anything, your day is what you make of it! You can dwell on the negative or look for your silver linings. I’m confident you’ll be happier doing the latter. Its very easy to see the negative and sometimes a little harder to see positive, so don’t forget to look for the good and find your silver linings!


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