Crank it UP and belt it OUT!

Happy Friday!

Not too long ago I posted about the power of music and choosing music to help your mood. Music has this incredible ability to turn dull to dreamy, anger to awe and truly transform your mood.

What I didn’t mention, and feel like is perfect for today, is the power of song – actually singing! Now, I am no Adele (though if you ever heard how hard I go after some of those high notes, you’d wonder if I actually knew that or not), but when I am sitting in traffic or getting frustrated at my office, I find singing along to the sweet sounds coming through my speakers quickly quells any tension.

I’m not saying some of your co-workers, people in cars around you or neighbors next door wont give you a funny look or wonder whats up but you’ll likely be to blissfully happy to notice.

Many times people are way too scared of what others think to do something silly or stupid and this could be seen as just that. If you’re a little shy, I understand, just turn it up a little louder to drown yourself out!

Crank it up and belt it out and you’ll be surprised how instantly happy you begin to feel!


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