Adding More

Happy Wednesday! I am on day three of my week cleanse and feeling amazing!

One of the things I noticed when discussing cleansing is people always make a really disgusted face. I can’t read their minds but I assume its something like: “eww that sounds awful! NO WAY you’d get me to starve myself, drink funky, smelly juices and spend my day on the toilet!” The face is usually followed by something like: “Oh cool! So, like is it uncomfortable? Are you like running to the bathroom all the time? Can you eat?”

I admit when I started cleansing I had no idea how the process worked and thought along those same lines. I thought I would have to stop eating, be really uncomfortable and pretty much hate life. Instead, I feel like I am eating more than I normally do trying to cram more raw, detoxifying foods into every day!

Every cleanse is different but instead of looking at the process from a ‘taking away’ point of view, I choose to look at it as an ‘adding more’ point of view. My morning smoothie is a perfect example!
shakeInstead of my standard protein shake, I have been adding kale into the mix to boost the health benefits of my breakfast! Does it taste the same?!?!….no! haha, but it’s still yummy!

Not only am I adding more into my diet but I am gaining so many other benefits from the increase of healthy foods and reduction of toxins in my system!

The concept of adding more vs. deprivation goes beyond cleanses!! Applying this perspective when approaching healthy eating can be much more motivating! See where you can add more in to improve your healthy everyday!


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