Clean Slate

Many people look to the dropping of that luminous ball on New Years to make affirmations to themselves or others…how many of you have said “My new years resolution is…” in the days/weeks following the start of a year?

Now, how long until you deviated from the aforementioned resolution – a week, a month…an hour?!? Not to worry, you’re certainly in good company! As I like to say, life gets in the way of your best intentions!

While I usually set a new goal at the start of each year, I often find the craziness of life and the excitement of spring throw me off course! Instead of getting down on myself for neglecting my goal, I look to another luminous ball – the sun – for my clean slate!

Summer Solstice is just over two weeks away and even with half the year come and gone, there is still plenty of time to reaffirm goals and promises!

Give yourself a clean slate and make the second half of 2013 great!


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