Energy Matters

Happy June!

Its the beginning of a new month and I have a renewed spirit to eat more consciously, work more diligently towards my goals and be the best version of myself!

In a few short weeks this year will be half past and I want to make sure I’m tackling the second half of 2013 with vigor and strength!

One way I’m going to revamp my energy is by eating simple – focusing on local, organically grown produce and homemade meals as much as possible!

By eating mainly organic, farm fresh food I’m ensuring my body gets the optimal amount of nutrients (energy) from what I consume. It also doesn’t hurt to know my food is grown with love by people who have a passion for what they do.

If you think there is no difference between the spinach in the bag at the grocery store and the bunch on the table at the farmers stand, think again!

The fresher the better…why?…because energy matters!


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