Food for Life

whatueatI just couldn’t help myself when I came across this! I have been talking a lot recently about getting out of your body what you put into it, so I figured today was the perfect time to post about it!

One of the things Josh, founder of IIN, talks extensively about is the idea that your blood is made from what you eat. Personally, I feel like looking at food consumption that way puts a whole new spin on “you are what you eat.”

The nutrient rich or nutrient-less food we consume determines our blood composition and in a lot of ways, how effectively or efficiently our bodies function. I know with my own diet I recently spent a week allowing myself to indulge in things I normally wouldn’t put in my body and reducing my exercise by 75%.

In just one week I felt my body slow and begin to feel heavy. I know it sounds odd but everything from walking to breathing felt a bit more difficult and I can’t help by attribute it to what I was and wasn’t putting in my body!

Whether you give my little experiment a try or not is entirely up to you but don’t forget….you get out of your body what you put in it!



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