Moment of Zen

Who has a spare ten minutes everyday? With all of life’s commitments and activities, the prospect of taking between five and fifteen minutes to meditate seems daunting and dare I say unproductive….”you mean you want me to sit there and do nothing but breathe?!!? I have things to do!”

While I agree it doesn’t seem very productive, the damage you’re UNDOING through meditation is arguably the most proactive thing you can do for your health. Stress can literally kill you if you’re not careful but in the short term it can combat all the positive things you might be trying to do through diet and exercise.

Stress causes cortisol levels to spike and your immune system to depress leading to all sorts of fun things like a slower metabolism, inflammation, weight gain, lack of energy, etc..

Taking a moment to meditate daily has been proven to counter and improve the negative effects of stress. Meditation practitioners have higher energy levels, faster metabolic rates and stronger immune systems than their non-practicing counterparts.

Still not convinced? Give yourself a moment of zen once a day for a week and see if you’re better able to manage stress!


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