Cilantro, Lime Shrimp and avocado salad

What do you get when you mix the rest of the shrimp cocktail, the last avocado, the end of a lime, what’s remaining of a grilled pepper and some fresh herbs?!? The most delectable leftover salad ever!

After a long holiday weekend with my family, we had a ton of leftover food. With a little help from my urban herb garden my leftovers were transformed into a refreshing, delicious salad. All I had to do was mash the avocado, squeeze in lime juice, chop the shrimp and peppers into chunks, sprinkle with salt, pepper cilantro and you’re noshing on a superfood sensation!

While I am all about using leftovers you shouldn’t wait until you’ve got these sitting in your fridge to give this shrimp salad a try!

Toss atop greens, wrap in a whole wheat tortilla or on its on…enjoy!


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